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Each real estate course from Maybank Academy of Real Estate is required for a REALTOR® license in the surrounding areas of Franklin, Tennessee. Our real estate classes cover the following topics:

Introduction to Real Estate Business | Real Property and the Law | Fair Housing | Interests in Real Estate | Forms of Real Estate | Ownership | Land and Description | Transfer of Title | Real Estate Brokerage | Real Estate Agency | Client Representation | Agreements | Real Estate Contracts | Real Estate Taxes and Other Leans | Real Estate Financing | Real Estate Appraisal | Property | Management and Leases | Land Use Controls and Property Development | Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction | Investing in Real Estate | Tennessee Licensing Overview | Operating a Real Estate Business in Tennessee | Tennessee Agency | Overview | Contracts and Closing Overview | Tennessee License Law Enforcement Overview

Tennessee Real Estate Principles

This course covers everything from the principles of real estate law to fair housing. They are a total of 60 hours and prepare students for a successful career in real estate. They include the latest Tennessee information, along with the rules and regulations of the Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC).  Course fee include course materials.


This mandatory six-hour course highlights topics relevant to Tennessee Licensing, including Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC) laws, rules, and policy updates. It also covers agency, advertising, contracts, property management, commercial leasing, disclosures, principle broker supervision, and license recognition. This is also required for license renewals.

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This course reflects the latest information from the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of REALTORS®. Students gain insight on the responsibilities and duties required of a REALTOR®, as well as recommended sanctions for Code violations. This course meets National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) requirements for new members who are completing ethics training and continuing members who are completing their quadrennial ethics training. 

Transaction Desk

This course goes over the transaction management system, which is used to keep all your information in one place. It includes online file folders with all your contacts, forms, contracts, e-mail and faxing abilities, and digital signatures.

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Broker Management

This course offers an application-oriented approach for becoming effective managers, leaders, and communicators. Broker Management is the most comprehensive real estate title available. This course reflects innovations most apparent in digital media, all the associated tactics and risks, and the influence of generational diversity in contemporary business practices. The course also highlights new trends, new professional developments, formal mentoring, cross-training programs, and developments in civil procedures such as the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and anti-trust and employment law issues.

Fair Housing

Today's real estate practitioner must establish business practices that comply with fair housing laws, offering equal professional service to all. Critical accomplishments in this objective are consistency, objectivity, and documentation.

DotLoop  $35

The objective is for this to be a hands-on training for real estate agents to learn the proper procedures when conducting online real estate transactions in Dotloop.  This includes utilizing esignatures, online task lists, and efficiencies created by paperless systems. The goal is for this seminar to teach attendees how to:
·      Create and manage a paperless real estate transaction - 100% online
·      Edit and auto-populate interactive real estate documents (TAR Forms) and share them with clients, agents, title companies, and anyone else involved in the real estate transaction
·      Utilize esignatures as an alternative to printing, scanning, faxing, or meeting face to face

·      Esignature legality and security

·      Add more value to your client's buying or selling experience by creating client checklists (task lists that help your client understand what else they should be considering/what else they should be doing during the buying/selling/moving process).

21 Ways to Lose Your License: Cost $30
Did you know that there are 21 different actions that, by Tennessee state law, could result in the loss of
your real estate license? This is 1 law that covers 21 different actions. All 21 items will be discussed in
varying detail to stay compliant with Tennessee law.

Transaction Desk: Cost $40
Transaction Desk is an online file management system (filing cabinet) to create and store transactional
details/documents. This program also allows users to email/fax documents and forms, organize online
files and digitally sign documents with Authentisign. This class is a condensed version of the 6 hour
classes to a 4 hour class from start to finish.

TAR Contracts & Forms 1: Cost $50

In this course we will review the TAR Purchase and Sales Agreement as well as some of the forms that go hand-in-hand with the Agreement and the proper use of each form to keep you and your customers/clients out of hot water!
Some of the additional forms that will be covered include, but are not limited to, Repair/Replacement Proposal and Amendment, Notification Form, Seller’s Right to Continue to Market, FHA/VA Addendum, Amendment to the Purchase and Sale Agreement, Confirmation of Agency Status, Working With A Real Estate Professional, Disclaimer Notice, Buyer’s Final Inspection, TN Residential Property Condition Disclosure, Exemption and Disclaimer and many more!
This course is TREC approved for 5 hours of Continuing Education.